Technologies to 

transform human 


Why us?

Bifidice® researched the intestinal microbiota and developed a technological process to transform our gut and reduce allergies and chronic diseases by up to 75%. 

Plug & Play solution
Ready to be implemented at any food production line without affecting organoleptic characteristics.
Propietary Know-How
that enables immediately colonization showing visible results from 21 days of consumption and persists after weeks of washout.
No GMO, microencapsulation nor fermentation.

90% OF CHILDREN and 30% of ADULTS are suffering from allergies

let's build a healthier world and be part of this new revolution.

Customer Reviews

Michael Schertl

star star star star

"Since I started taking Bifidice, I no longer need medication for hay fever! However, the maximum sense of achievement is in my oesophagus. That is an absolute super hit".

Francisca Amengual

star star star star star

"My daughters had multiple food allergy and we decided to start with Bifidice. It improved a lot not only the tolerance of all the food products but also we passed winter without any respiratory typical diseases".

Sebastián Soria

star star star star star

"I had an atopic dermatitis that had not responded to corticosteroids, so I started Bifidice, after 15 days I began to notice that the spots receded and I ended up without any visible spots, so far they have not re-appeared and it has been about 8 months".

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